WEAPON is a title I’m working under for this next solo. It reminds me of the life cycle of an object, an instrument, perhaps itself a work of art, perhaps an epithet for the shadow of consciousness, for a being: it’s forging, it’s refinement, it’s employment in an act of transference; across space and time, between persons, between generations. The material of the work is rendered as an environment within which I endeavor to discover a dance.

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Premier: June 7, 8, 9 2013 @ CounterPULSE, SF

Robert Avila of the SF Bay Guardian writes:

Pageantry — as the CounterPULSE program is titled — promises to offer an intriguing contrast, reflecting something of the breadth of styles and formal concerns that make the contemporary dance scene here both dynamic and complex

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Speculations on Spectatorship by Irene Hsiao

Morrison gave a performance that was at times astonishing in the absolute silence of a body in extreme control of every joint and muscle fiber, and at times plagued with the question of what constitutes theatricality — from the thick false lashes and burgundy hair extensions he wore to the props he hauled onstage. [read more]

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