PROJECT DESCRIPTION – Nombre y concepto del programa

AFTER NAUMAN is a durational dance directed and choreographed by Justin Morrison designed for a non-theatrical space. It’s inspired by the curiosity for form and the use of space exemplified by the early experimental films of well known American contemporary artist Bruce Nauman. The work premiered in Spring of 2018 in San Diego, presented by SPACE TIME and officially authorized by the Nauman Studio**.

In AFTER NAUMAN, a collective of dancers from the USA and Mexico will participate in a residency and rehearsal period in Tijuana to develop the choreographic material for the work, taking inspiration from Nauman’s temporal and spatial sensibility, emphasizing the intrinsic rhythms and cadences of their physical actions, and investigating the distinction made between imaginary and physical activities.

The physical material of the dance models a curiosity for simple, formal actions. Movements will increase in apparent complexity as dancers move through physical and imaginal forms, from individual to collective organization within a spatial design score set by director Justin Morrison.

The work is composed of three acts, using a unique and austere lighting and projection design. The lighting and projection constitute the scenography and the arena for the dancers, which will be reconfigured into distinct designs to indicate each of the three acts.


Complete Work Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Act I (45-60 minutes) – Form and formlessness, dancers working autonomously and individually within the space, from sunset until sundown.

To be performed during sunset at the local time, with natural lighting, Nauman films projected with sound in at least two locations within the scene. A third screen video feed shows aspects of the live performance juxtaposed with the historical Nauman films. During this time a single cast member assembles various lighting sculptures that will be utilized later in the performance while the ensemble works within various silent, mostly slow dance movement scores.

Act II (45-60 minutes) – Solo, Duet and Trio compositions form, illuminated by the sculptures.

Complete darkness has fallen. Fog entering the space signals the start of Act II. Lighting sculptures that were previously assembled are activated one-at-time to illuminate various areas of the performance space. Dances occur in those lighted areas. During the dances, performers produce a sound score comprised of harmonic vocalizations and percussive sounds. There will be a blackout, followed by another Fog cue, during which time the lighting sculptures will be quickly disassembled and reassembled into the shape of a circle.

Act III (45-60 minutes) –  A collective action takes places within the confines of a circle. The circle is dismantled into a “runway” where the finale of “Identity Walks” is performed.

The circle of light is activated to illuminate the cast of dancers assembled facing the center of the circle. The dance evolves with dancers penetrating the circle, and eventually dismantling it. There will be a blackout during which time stamping and vocalizations are heard. More Fog is released into the space, and the lighting is assembled into two perpendicular lines and then activated. Following the “runway” of light, dancers clothe themselves in various costumes and perform a series of “Identity Walks” down the “runway”, intended to highlight aspects of their real or imagined individual identities.


Complete Video ( 2 hours 15 minutes )

TECH REQUIREMENTS – Especificaciones de carga escenográ

  1. Three digital projectors capable of sufficient illumination for daytime projection.
  2. Three projection surfaces, either rear or font projected.
  3. Power outlets to supply electricity to 18-24 LED strip lighting instruments (provided by the Director)
  4. Two high amperage fog machines and fluid sufficient to flood the exhibition space with fog.
  5. One mobile costume rack, to be used by dancers during the performance.
  6. Floor: the exhibition space should have a smooth, featureless floor appropriate for dancing with shoes on. Holes or other areas to a dancers body should be covered.
  7. Setting/Scene: The scene should be minimally decorated, with no other distracting artworks, furniture, posters or signs so that the dance performance and the projected Nauman films are the main visual feature of the space.
  8. Tech and Dress Rehearsal Time: The performers require one 6 hour period for tech rehearsal, and one 5 hour period for a dress rehearsal, ideally two different days prior to the exhibition.


A collective of 12 – 18 *** dancers from the USA and Mexico will participate in a residency and rehearsal period in Tijuana to develop the choreographic material for the work. The complete cast will be determined following the booking of the work. Accommodations will need to be provided for the director, assistant choreographer, technical director, and traveling dancers (12 – 18).



Justin Morrison

Assistant Choreographer

Victor De La Fuente


Technical Director: Joel Morrison


Full resolution photographs attached to application e-mail


* A note for audience: While many visitors may enjoy seeing the entirety of this work, it is designed to be seen in fragments, allowing for viewers to enter and exit the performance at any time during the 3 hour presentation, and the work may be seen from any possible perspective within the exhibition space. Chairs will be provided for those who would like to sit, and can be moved to accommodate the viewers preferred point of view. Warning: darkness, bright lighting, startling sounds and fog (smoke) will be utilized during this performance.

** Note for presenters: Exhibition rights to the Nauman films (selected by the Director Justin Morrison) will need to be approved by the Nauman Studio for each exhibition, and licensed through Electronic Arts Intermix (NYC). Fees for each film vary. There is also a CCTV camera feed projected, depicting aspects of the real-time performance, presented in a visual style to match the Nauman films (black & white video.) If the rights to exhibit the Nauman films cannot be obtained, original derivative work by Justin Morrison can be provided for a fee.

*** Performers: The work premiered with a cast of 12 dancers. As many as 18 dancers could be used in future productions of the work, drawing from both San Diego, Tijuana, and local cities.