William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies

These videos have been excerpted from the William Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies interactive DVD published in 2000. If you find these interesting please do consider purchasing the DVD from Amazon by following this link.

NOTE: Only two videos will download simultaneously. If a video will not play for you, wait until previously played videos have finished downloading, as indicated by the progress bar on the video player.

Solo by William Forsythe

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Demonstrations by various dancers

In the published DVD there is an animated timeline accompanying each of the demonstrations, indicating which of Forsythe’s concepts is being illustrated. Each concept is hyperlinked to another video where Forsythe himself, with the aid of superimposed 3D markers, demonstrates and explains his approach. The video was originally developed as a training tool for new members of Ballet Frankfurt.

Christine Buerkle

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Crystal Pite

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Noah D. Gelber

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Thomas McManus

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