MALA FORMA: The Canceled School of Performance, a recital

Last updated on April 27, 2024

Presented by Project BLANK

Friday April 19th, 7:30 pm

Bread & Salt


To whom it may concern, even a little bit,

On April 19th as part of Project BLANK’s Salty Series, MALA FORMA presents a recital by ThE CanCEled ScHoOl of PerForMAnce

Visitors will witness the rigorously skilled but entirely unprofessional antics of those naturally selected for the school ( by haters, lemmings, basic bitches, and society at large ) to pursue their preemptive post-graduate non-denominational degree from this universally ignored and egregiously unaccredited school, where, in fact, no-one ever graduates and where degrees, if they could be awarded, would be meaningless and serve to offer nothing in the way of gainful employment. 

For this evening’s recital you will witness the dance bricolage and resulting detritus of works by our most luminary Dishonored Students of ThE CanCEled ScHoOl. On this evening alone, and never again thereafter, performers of almost painfully nonexistent acclaim will submit their most generous work to date, because, with great relief, they find they have nothing to gain and, more importantly, nothing left to lose. 

Please be our guest at this special event to honor our esteemed students led by the unprofessed and disgraced dancer, filmmaker and director, Justin Morrison, for this special evening length work of what, we guarantee, we assure you, we attest and accredit, we promise, will never bother you gain.

Without apology,

MALA FORMA, Cast & Crew