(re)Introducing Contact Improvisation 5 Week Class Series #2

Last updated on April 27, 2024

Thursday, December 8th at 6:30pm we will begin the second and last  5-week series offered in 2022 exploring the fundamentals of Contact Improvisation.


Participants will be requested to make available at least 4 out of 5 weeks to allow for a thematic progression through instruction and practice where we will create a cohesive laboratory to explore our collective and individual movement potential. This series is appropriate for movers and dancers at all levels of experience.


The class will include physical preparation, warming the body, gathering our strength, taking inventory of our liabilities, and attuning our senses to ourselves, the space, and those who inhabit it.

Solo practice involving gravity, self-work, and floor work will form the basis for beginning to interact with others.

Structured activities in pairs and larger groupings will progress through high-sensitivity but low-skill, low-stakes interactions involving shared weight, to more advanced engagements contingent on each individual’s development with more challenging propositions emerging toward the later half of the series.

Spaces Available

In order to secure and pay for our space, prior registration and payment are required.

There are 12 spaces available for the series. If there is greater demand, additional spaces may be opened up.

A 10-person minimum sign-up is required to meet our expenses, so consider bringing a friend! In the event we can’t, at this short notice, meet our minimum, the series will be postponed until, perhaps, late November.


Weekly on Thursday beginning Oct 20th 6:30-9pm *

* Class will be interspersed with a generous amount of time for improvisation and exploration, culminating in an open “jam” period to practice skills. Those who must leave a bit early during the jam time can be accommodated.


Stage 7 School of Dance
Kearney Mesa
9103 Chesapeake Dr., San Diego CA 92123

Located off the 52, 163, 15 freeways and near the 805 freeway.


  • Paying before Thursday 10/20: $115
  • Paying on or after Thursday 10/20: $140
  • Drop in (by prior approval): $35 per day

    Work/Trade is available for those with limited means

Payment Options

Cash, in person.

Venmo: @justindances
$Cash App: @justindances
Zelle: contact Justin
PayPal: contact Justin