San Diego CityBeat features Justin Morrison and After Nauman

Last updated on May 21, 2018

 writes in Justin Morrison goes After Nauman

Along with 15 performers and in collaboration with the group Space Time, Morrison is presenting a two-hour durational installation they are calling After Nauman. It incorporates the two Nauman films (which are to be projected in a loop) and opens Sunday, April 29 at a new space called the Sandbox (325 15th St.) at 7 p.m.

“Here are these super minimalist, physical explorations by a dude,” notes Morrison. “What happens when the dancer’s body takes hold of it? What happens when a female body or a queer body takes hold of it? And how do we move from this kind of really discreet, rather dry formalism into something that’s more about appetites and desire and about communal or interdependent actions?”

For Morrison, in addition to taking on canonical masculine figures like Nauman, the appetite for the communal seems to be voracious. The San Diego native returned in 2016 after spending time in New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Seoul, and has been actively working to expand and strengthen the creative scene in San Diego ever since. As a resident of the live/work community Space 4 Art in the East Village, Morrison not only shares his space with his partner Victor Adrian De La Fuente (who’s also collaborating on After Nauman), he’s also constantly putting out the call for artists by opening up the communal spaces within Space 4 Art for weekly gatherings. Morrison hopes these actions bring about some of the creative connectivity that he’s seen in other cities.