Seoul International Improvisation Festival, 2014

Last updated on February 28, 2017

Update: Video from SIMPRO 2014

“Not my real body”
Instant composition.

The text for this work was spoken offstage, the theater and audience in darkness. It’s shown together here for brevity.

Ensemble Improvisation

I’ll be performing in three events at the Seoul International Improvisation Festival (SIMPRO), 2014. This will be my second appearance in the festival since 2006.

Hanpac – Korea Performing Arts Center
Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall

General Admission 20,000 won / 12,000 won student

Complete Program

Presented by: International Performing Arts Project

My performance dates are as follows:

April 8, 2014
19:30 Duet with 남정호 (Nam, Jeong ho)

April 10, 2014
19:30 – a 10 minute solo (a “relay” series of short performances, timed)
Music by Justin Morrison, The Caretaker, Cyndi Lauper
Text “Not My Real Body” by Justin Morrison

April 12, 2014
18:00 Ensemble Improvisation
19:00 Artist Talk

Performing with the following artists:
남정호 (Nam, Jeong ho) (Seoul, Korea)
Davide Sportelli (Rome, Italy)
Emmanuel Grivet (Toulouse, France)
Marcus Grolle (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Sylvie Nova
Makoto Matsushima (Japan)

Complete Performance Schedule

SIMPRO 2014 서울즉흥춤축제

For visiting dance students, below is the workshop schedule:

Workshops – SIMPRO 2014 즉흥워크숍 안내

Translated Program:

Article 14 Seoul International Improvisation Festival (Simpro 2014)

Internationa Improvisation Dance Festival 2014

Suspending Fri April 4, 2014 -12 (Sat)
Place _ Arko Arts Theater, Theater, Theater Bukchon Changwoo, munrae Arts Factory, hanyejong muyongwon, Marronnier Park
_ International Performing Arts Project sponsored by
_2014 Secretariat organized the Seoul International Improvisation Festival
Bukchon Changwoo Theater cooperation _
Arts Council-sponsored by Korea, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Art director _ janggwangyeol
Admission _ Adult 20,000 won, 12,000 won student (Kitamura Changwoo Theater Adult 10,000 won, Youth 8,000 won)
Improvisation workshop tuition _ 25,000 won for each class (more than 3 classes during class 20,000 won)
Inquiry and application performance workshops _02) 3674-2210

■ festival schedule

Fri, April 4th Improvisation Workshops Arko Arts Theater rehearsal
Sat, April 511:00 to 13:30 Improvisation Jam 

Afternoon improvisation (12:00 to 12:30)

Gimbongseok (Manet down), 13 = 13 days,

Kim, Min – Young & gimjuhui


Improvisation Jam


Korea National University of ArtsNo. 105 muyongwon 
Sun, April 617:00 International CollaborationProjectImprovisation Korea and FranceEmmanuel Grivet & SylvieNova (Dance)

Heoyunjeong (harp), bakgyeongseo (harp), gwakjaehyeok (RB Project), gimbora (sound), Aram (COD), chajinyeop (dance)

Bukchon Changwoo Theater
Mon, April 715:00 open day: Korea & France impromptu collaboration work Munrae Art Factory Studios
Tues, April 819:30 Opening ImprovisationNamjeongho & Justin MorrisonLee, Mi – Young & Kim Ki-young

Contemporary Dance Company Free

Emmanuel Grivet & E. Yunjung audience and improvise together

Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall
Wed, April 919:30 Group Improvisation international collaborative improvisation I / Crossover ImprovisationUbin DanceFrance and South Korea – Emmanuel Group &

Cie Yu Dans-Performing Art

UBUNTU Arts Collective

Thurs April 1019:30 100 -minute impromptu relayEmmanuel Grivet & Sylvie Nova (France), Marcus Grolle (Germany), Makoto Matsushima(Japan), Justin Morrison (USA), gimyunjeong (reread choreographer), there is a, Ji Eun Lee & sonyoungmin flexible Hyun Ah and set
Fri, April 1119:30 International collaborative improvisation IIBelgium and Japan & Korea: Marcus Grolle & Makoto Matsushima & gimyunjeongFrance and South Korea – Simpro & Bukchon Changwoo Theater:

Emmanuel Grivet, Sylvie Nova, heoyunjeong, bakgyeongseo, gwakjaehyeok, gimbora, chajinyeop

Sat, April 1213:00 to 19:30 13:00 to 13:30Outdoor improvisation Buckeye Park – midday impromptu performancesDevelopment of dance improvisation collective body
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.120 minute improvisation dwarf Dance Reform Code: DRC (Dance Revolution Code) /Wooden Stars Dance / yunseong is /Dancers PASHA

/ Made in Dance Institute of the Arts /

Yibeomgu real ballet group

Move yijunuk Dodo Dance Theatre /

Tancheu Seoul Station (STS) / circulation creative cow / On & Off

18:00 to 19:00Contact Improvisation Marcus Grolle (Germany), Makoto Matsushima (Japan), Justin Morison (USA), Emmanuel Grivet, Sylvie Nova (France), gimyunjeong, chajinyeop, Sbitar Omar (Morocco)
19:00 impromptu party the audience with the Talk Talk
* Special Events- Video of Performance & Talk Talk impromptu improvisation meeting: 12:00 on the 12th, the artist’s home video for your listening room- Talk Talk audience and improvise together Party!! 12 days 19:00, Arko Arts Theater, Small Hall



Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival 2014

2014 Simpro (Seoul International Improvisation Dance Festival) will be held 4-12 April in Seoul. The festival celebrates the 14th anniversary this year.

■ Schedule: ARKO Small Theater etc

6 (Sun) 17:00 International Collaboration Improvisation Ⅰ (Bukchon changwoo Theater)
8 (Tue) 19:30 Opening Improvisation Performance
9 (Wed) 19:30 Group Impro, Collaboration Improvisation Ⅱ, Crossover Improvisation
10 (Thu) 19:30 100minutes Relay Improvisation Performance
11 (Fri) 19:30 International Collaboration Improvisation Performance III
12 (Sat) 14:00 120minutes Improvisation fest Performance
18:00 Contact Improvisation Performance
19:00 Talk Talk improvisation party with audience

■ improvisation workshop (April 4-12 days Arko Arts Theater, practice rooms, six days muyongwon Korea National University of Arts, Room 105)

Date Time Description Lecturer
Fri the 4th  13:30 to 15:30 Improvisation workshop Emmanuel Grivet
Sat the 5th 11:00 to 13:00 Children, for youthImprovisation workshop Sylvie Nova
Sun, the 6th 12:00 to 14:00 Improvisation workshops for leaders* Hanyejong muyongwon, Room 105 Namjeongho
Tues the 8th 13:00 to 15:00 Improvisation workshop Sylvie Nova
15:00 to 17:30 Improvisation workshop Makoto Matsushima
Wed the 9th 13:00 to 15:30 Improvisation workshop Makoto Matsushima
15:30 to 17:30 Improvisation workshop Gimyunjeong
Thurs the 10th 15:30 to 17:30 Improvisation workshop Sylvie Nova
Fri the 11th 13:30 to 15:30 Improvisation workshop Oh, flexible
15:30 to 17:30 Improvisation workshop Marcus Grolle
Sat the 12th 11:00 to 13:00 Improvisation workshop Emmanuel Grivet
13:00 to 15:00 Improvisation workshop Marcus Grolle

May opening day ten days of 150 artists offering people a pure improvisation dance stage

Improvisation Festival is Asia’s leading annual global professional artists to participate in impromptu Seoul International Improvisation Festival (Simpro) is opening on April 4, 9 days held around the Arko Arts Theater. 14 th to the right after this year’s festival in Seoul, Busan, Daegu leads. Come to the festival in the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Morocco, including more than 150 artists from seven countries participated in both, and 3 show the spread of international collaborative improvisation.Professional dancers, normal adult, the leader of the 12 targets and establish the improvisation classes.


2014 Planning of Production Direction

Seoul International Improvisation Festival this year, is subject to a combination of high quality performances, Germany – United States – France – Korea is participating in the international collaboration of three different concepts work and improvisational dance network spread abroad, and multiple layers of professional dancers, not only towards the people involved with the festival program organized focus.


■ national and international artists in dance, music, media art, a combination of  International Collaboration  Improvisation Series
■ Buckeyes at noon Saturday in the park spread  nature and outdoor impromptu meeting
■ Simpro Bukchon Changwoo theater and co-production – France and Korea  collaboration of dancers and performers of traditional music improvisation
■ Festival of experts, not children, anyone can participate in, such as the general adult dance performances and workshops in improvisation
■ Seoul, Busan, Daegu, leading domestic  network expansion improvisational dance
■ impromptu meeting video, Talk Talk impromptu party the audience with a variety of other events, such as
■ A total of 12 opening improvisation classes, Children and Youth, and the general public, dancers, directors, etc., separated target enforcement