SF Dancers needed for The Album Project: Prince’s Parade

Last updated on February 28, 2017

SF Dancers, Movers, I need you:

6-8 movers for a drag show in the Mission.

The show:
The Album Project, a drag show featuring Prince’s “Parade” full album, played through without interruption, Sunday September 22nd @ The Chapel, 777 Valencia Street. Our number is the headlining, final piece of the evening “Sometimes It Snows in April”, mp4 attached: Somber, simple.

We have a week to put this together. Our meetings will be brief, physical, and fun. I expect we’ll need to meet twice before Sunday, Sept 22nd for tech/blocking and the evening show.

What I can offer:
There are no funds for this quickie. There will be drink tickets. Your time will be respected. The show does not run late.

I can offer an invigorating physical practice: movement, yoga, partner work, as a warm up to our brief rehearsals. I want this to be fun and engaging for movers, not complicated and head scratching. You won’t be asked to remember step by step choreography, except in a few minor cases.

Merce Cunningham’s Septet, 1964

What we’re making:
A series of tableau images, bodies interconnected, interdependent (with weight), moving and shifting slowly through formations and deformations. This will be mostly scored, meaning we’ll be moving around some very simple structures and each dancer will be relied upon for sensitivity, timing, presence. We don’t have time to do 5,6,7,8, step-touch, put your hand here, no here, no here, sort of choreography. However, there may be synchronized twerking.

Sketches attached.


Costume and makeup provided by Eli:
“nude, silver and gold costume with several nods to faux flapper era”


Please forward to reliable folks you think would be interested.

Questions, write or call me ASAP: (415) 501-0892

Tickets and event info