UPDATED: Soliciting SF sound artists for music/dance sessions

Last updated on March 28, 2014

UPDATE 12/1/13: Practice is suspended until further notice. Thanks for playing with us!
UPDATE 3/8/13: Practice in March will be held weekly from 1:30-4pm at Dance Ground Keriac. RSVP by contacting Justin. Check out video from past sessions.

UPDATE 12/12/12: We’ve secured a regular practice space at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance, Thursdays form 7:30-10pm. The group is open by invitation only and the dancers/performers involved have some substantial experience in improvisation or instant composition. RSVP by contacting Justin

a note to bay area sound artists:


My name is Justin Morrison – dancer and improviser, recently relocated to the bay area. I’m working to initiate an informal but regular working group of dancers and sound artist collaborators, interested in the interplay of music, dance, performance and other kinetic work (sculpture, video, etc.). Initially I’d like to propose a regular time to play and occasionally perform; a sort of meeting point for sound artists, dancers and performance makers working under the rubric of improvisation, instant composition, sound art, etc.

The specifics of when to establish a regular meeting would be left up to the collaborators, and I’m only now reaching out for interested players. What I’d like folks to consider is perhaps a weekly informal session, open by invitation (or reservation), where players could gather and establish a rapport. Some sound artists may be interested to play regularly where others may only be available occasionally. Still others might come from out of town or on the recommendation of other players. The same would hold for dance and other performing artists. Attention would be given to keeping an optimal number of players afforded by the space and frequent collaborators would be encouraged to collectively curate sessions specific to explore particular themes. Where sessions could occur as much as weekly, there’s also the possibility of a monthly or perhaps bi-monthly informal event open to the public involving recent and guest players.

I’ve secured space suitable for dance and without sound limitations at KUNST-STOFF arts, 1 Grove St. near Civic Center.

Day/Time/Frequency TBD

A bit about my history in music/dance collaboration:

Since 2004 I was a member of Magpie Music Dance Company and have performed in collaboration with Han Bennink, Michael Moore, Mary Oliver (ICP Orchestra), Rozemarie Heggen, Wilbert de Joode, Andy Moor (The Ex), Yannis Kyriakides and other luminary performers in the Amsterdam music scene. In San Diego I enjoyed performing with Charles Curtis, Lukas Ligeti, George Lewis, Joseph Waters (SWARMIUS), and members of the Trummerflora collective.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in this, please pass along my note along with my contact information.

Thank you!

Justin Morrison