Music/Dance workshop & performance, 3pm Sunday March 11th @ UCSD

Last updated on February 11, 2022


James has uploaded pictures to flickr from the workshop & performance. Check it out

You are invited to participate in a free workshop and concert series presented by the International Society for Improvised Music (UCSD Chapter).

There will be a 2 hour workshop for musicians and dancers followed by a performance by workshop participants (voluntary). All levels welcome.


Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) black box theater, UCSD.


3-5pm Sunday March 11th




FREE (please RSVP)

Detailed information on the entire program is below:


ISIM 2007 Lecture/Performance Series on Improvisation Part Two:: Sunday March 11 3PM and 6PM in the CRCA Black Box at CalIt2
University of California, San Diego

The International Society for Improvised Music UCSD Chapter’s 6 month lecture / performance series continues, with work presented by three different groups working with improvisation::

* Improvisation for Performance, with Justin Morrison (Magpie Music Dance Company)
* DSS Audio/Video Improvisation Group
* David Borgo’s Electric Soup

A Music / Dance Improvisation workshop will take place at 3PM, followed by a concert at 6PM.

This is a free event, though donations will be accepted.

Light refreshments will be served.


Improvisation for Performance,
Facilitated by Justin Morrison (Magpie Music Dance Company)

Musicians and dancers are invited to collaborate in a workshop exploring the potential for interactivity between disciplines. Emphasis will be placed on perception of and attention to the players present in concert with each individual’s employment of the elements of their respective medium. All players will be challenged to attend to the use of the eye and the ear while maintaining a conscious relationship to the space and the public inhabiting it. We will be working toward a performance experience that, through collaboration with the senses and with each other, provides greater potential for innovation and invention.


DSS Audio/Video Improvisation Group

Aaron Drake – FM Transmitter Feedback, Talkboy Deluxe, Assorted Electronics
Phillip Stearns – Mixer Feedback, FM Transmitter Feedback, Custom Electronics
Cassia Streb – Viola

Improvisers based in Los Angeles working in both acoustic and electronic mediums, whose sonic palate is composed of mixer feedback, DIY and custom hacked circuitry, FM transmitters, and (amplified) viola. Performances involve a mix of free improv, graphic score interpretation, and audience interaction.


David Borgo’s Electric Soup

David Borgo, saxophone, electric wind instrument, laptop
Jeff Sapin, saxophone, laptop
Rich Eakin, laptop
Tom Ferguson, electric bass, laptop
Matt Wilson, electric guitar, effects
Mason Breton, drum set

Born in the Fall of 2006 as an undergraduate jazz class that collectively veered off into electro-acoustic realms, this group has continued to meet outside of the approved curriculum in order to explore creative music-making at the interface of, and in the interstices between, contemporary technologies, styles, and practices.


This event is part one of a six-part monthly lecture/performance series presented by the International Society for Improvised Music UCSD Chapter, and partly funded by a grant from the UCSD Graduate Student Association. For information on being involved in upcoming events between now and June 2007, please contact ISIM UCSD Chapter Leader James Ilgenfritz